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Dr. Willie Clyde Brown


Evangelist Dr. Willie Clyde Brown is another one of the truly anointed, great preachers of our time.  Lives are being empowered by the cutting edge approach to the gospel message she presents in her presentation. She is known to be a straight-forward preacher and won't hold back whatever God releases in her to say. In many services the Holy Ghost uses her even mightier in her music ministry. God has especially anointed her in so many travels with her speaking engagements, revivals and crusades. People come back with an abundance of praise reports of souls being saved. She is a much sought after speaker in various cities and states. She is a strong advocate of education. Evangelist W.C. Brown is a woman of prayer and lives a holy consecrated life unto God. She is fulfilling the clarion call of God on her life to be fresh and anointed in this day and hour.


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